When is it?

The next party is December 1st, starting at 6pm.

How can I attend?

The party is invite only, but you are encouraged to bring a friend or two. Getting an invite is very simple, however. Just see the attend page to request you be added to the list and you will get an email stating the next time and place of the puppy party.

Where does this party take place?

My pup/husband and I host the party in our home in Pelham NH, which is located between Salem and Nashua. The address is sent out with the email invitation.

I live off Dutton Road in a quiet section of the town and are mostly hidden from our neighbors.

What is the party like?

While sexual contact is not discouraged, make sure you have consent before engaging in play with others. Consent doesn't have to be verbal; consent is assumed as long as the actions are welcomed, not rebuffed, and not specifically declined. Just use common sense.

Pup gear and play is allowed anywhere inside the house and out back on the deck or in the back yard, though the more rambunctious play should be kept to the puppy area downstairs to prevent breaking any electronics or furniture.

There is the living room and kitchen for eating, drinks, and conversation. Some food is provided, generally a meat and cheese platter, along with a selection of sodas. You are encouraged to bring chips, drinks, candies, or baked goods.

The puppy play space is down stairs, with a few chairs against the walls and the main area open for puppy interaction.

Am I allowed to bring someone?

Yes! Bringing a guest or three is always encouraged. Keep in mind that those attending should be aware of the rules for the party. You can view the rules on the rules page.

Can I drink or bring alcohol?

No alcohol is allowed.

If you are not old enough to drink and are caught, you will be immediately ejected from the party and banned. No second chances.

Is nudity allowed?

Yes! And so is gear of most types. Full plate armor is not going to be allowed though.