New England Puppy Party

The New England Puppy Party occurs the first Saturday of every even month.

What is it?

The puppy party is a gathering of pups, handlers, and other kink-minded people. It is mainly a social gathering where pups can get geared up and romp around in the puppy space, eat and drink, socialize, and make connections with other pups and handlers.

Where is it?

That party is hosted in Pelham, New Hampshire. There is a decent amount of privacy around the house, a fairly large driveway for parking and ample street parking as well.

Parking restrictions occur December 1st to April 1st between midnight and 7AM, so any overnight guests or those wishing to crash need to be aware of this.

Who can attend?

Anyone 18 years of age or older may attend.

You may be asked for identification to prove you are over 18. Anyone found to be under 18 or drinking alcohol will be ejected from the party and possibly banned from future events.